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Our Commercial Moving Service

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Here at Christopher Moving we value our clients’ time. We understand that company down-time directly effects growth. Each business is unique, so we create a specialized relocation plan that will meet your company’s individual needs. Most importantly, our services are cost-effective and our employees operate at a high level of efficiency.

We make your commercial moving fast and easy.

Our commercial moving services range from light industrial services to assistance with remediation. Because we understand that running a business never ceases, you can trust our moving specialist to handle the logistics of relocating your facilities. Growing and downsizing can lead to drastic changes in the way departments are structured. One of our expert planners can assist in space maximization that is effective for your business demands.

We take pride in knowing that we operate at the highest level of industry satisfaction. In order to fulfill your relocation needs, we would like to get to know your business and your relocation expectations. We ask that you consider some of the points below and communicate essential requirements to one of our moving specialists.

Questions Our Moving Specialist May Ask

Let Us Know How Much or Little Downtime Is Expected For Employees?

Are There Any Foreseeable Contingencies That May Impact The Relocation?
In Regards To Department Floor Plans, What Are The Expectations?

Do We Need To Receive and Deliver Any New Office Supplies Or Fixtures From A 3rd Party Vendor?